Learn ways to:

  • help your children develop healthy lifestyle habits

  • make healthy food choices more enjoyable and achievable

  • improve your energy levels and be more efficient with your time

  • incorporate more incidental exercise into everyday life

  • have more of the things that are healthy and less of the stuff
    that holds you back.


Motherhood ~ Raising a Healthy Family

Feedback from Penny's workshops:


  • All topics were very helpful and relevant.

  • I loved the interaction and teaching with a gentle and fun approach.

  • Practical, educational and very relevant. An excellent presentation.

  • Penny made the class very relatable. There were so many great tips that were do-able.

  • Penny presents a life-time of observation, learning and experience. I loved how she is candid,
    speaks from the heart and offers nuggets of inspiration.

  • I love how Penny is so positive. Rather than labouring the point of all the challenges and bad things,

    her focus is on all the good things in life and how to maximise them. I left feeling inspired and uplifted.